Meet the Team

Robert Boileau
Managing Director

Robert set up Rampisham Timber Services several years ago as part of a diversification project for Rampisham Manor Estate. The core businesses of the estate are property and a farming operation that is mainly focused around livestock, and delivering ecological benefit, on SSI sites, other land and woodland best suited for this purpose.

As a young boy Robert spent part of his holiday time in the woods under the guidance of his father, improving the woodlands which had suffered a life time of neglect, the results of this work can be clearly seen in the pictures on the website. He wishes to continue his father’s work in restoring and improving the woodlands and creating new plantations for future generations and wildlife to enjoy. 

Robert understands the vital role forestry plays in developing the landscape and helping provide the right habitat for many different species from both the plant and animal kingdom to thrive in. All replanting, harvesting and works associated with the business are part of a plan approved by the Forestry Commission and Natural England.

Robert’s other aim for the business, is to provide ongoing employment for associated business’s in this case M.E. Tilley and M.E. Tilley the local forestry contractors, local hauliers George Genge and Harvey of Cracknell Timber Services, and local people looking for local work. If the business is successful, Robert hopes to re-introduce a role for a fulltime woods person back onto the estate.  

Alison Wright
Marketing & Communications Director

Alison has worked at Rampisham Timber Services since the early stages, in a newly created role supporting the management team in the overall approach and development of all marketing and communications materials.

In total, Alison brings twenty six years of professional experience where she has worked both in-house and consultancy roles within the UK, Europe and globally. Alison offers an extremely broad experience in marketing and communications having previously held a number of senior positions in the pharmaceutical sector delivering campaigns in ethical and consumer healthcare professional relations.

Alison is delighted to be part of the Rampisham Services Team and is passionate about supporting the local community and ensuring that the local habitat and woodlands are properly maintained. In her spare time, Alison does charity work for the National Garden Scheme and has taken up a keen interest in showjumping, competing at an affiliated level around the South West of England.  

Claire Sturmey
Customer Services Manager

Claire has worked for Rampisham Manor Estates for over 18months and works on all aspects of estate business and more recently she took on the role of Customer Services Manager for Rampisham Timber Services.

Claire brings with her many years of business experience having worked previously as a personal assistant and administrator for Porter Dodson Solicitors.

Claire has always been passionate about the countryside and working in the great outdoors. She has a diploma in Countryside Management, which she attained from studying at Kingston Maurward College in nearby Dorchester, which has helped to enhance her understanding of managing the environment and its wildlife. 

Claire’s interest in working for Rampisham Timber Services is through supporting a business that aims to develop and support the local habitat and environment. She is keen that the business continues to evolve and delivers a sustainable and renewable energy that can be offered to the general public at an appropriate price.

In her spare time, Claire is a keen horse woman and competes in both eventing and dressage at local competitions across the South West Region.

Brian Charman
Forestry Management & Felling

Brian sub-contracts to M.E. & M.E. Tilley Forestry Contractors and has worked on Rampisham Estate for 4 years. Brian works on all aspects of forestry management including planting of new plantations, spraying, coppicing, thinning and clear felling. He is keen to ensure that all our local woodlands are managed appropriately to provide an ongoing sustainable and renewable energy.

Brian brings with him many years of experience and has been in forestry for our 50 years, he is delighted to be part of the Rampisham Timber Services team. He enjoys working outside in the woodlands, being his own boss and takes great joy in working with wood. 

Brian is extremely dedicated to Forestry and also runs his own business in Forestry Training.  In addition to this, he volunteered for 20 years doing mountain and cave rescue in North Yorkshire. On moving to Dorset Brian did 7 years as a volunteer Coastguard Rescue Officer for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency in Lyme Regis . If you are ever in difficulty, Brian is your man! 

In his spare time, Brian likes to travel and get away from it all, with many trips to different continents of the world, South Africa being the latest destination.

Alfie Craddock
Machinery Operator

Alfie joined Rampisham Manor Farms as an apprentice. He did a two-year apprenticeship in farming and land mgt and due to his hard and accurate work has recently been offered full time employment. 

Part of his work on the estate is directly related to Rampisham Timber Services. He is chainsaw qualified and spends lots of time, looking after the newer plantations, planting trees, hedge laying and coppicing. 

He is an excellent machinery operator, and capable farmyard mechanic and is often found at weekends, taking apart, repairing and servicing machinery in order that everything is in full working order for the coming week’s timber schedule

Rampisham timber services - Terry

Terry Mackintosh

Terry started with Rampisham Timber Services in 2017 and has been responsible for delivering all the timber yard orders across West and Central Dorset. Terry is hard working, dedicated and very keen that all timber orders taken are of high quality, delivered efficiently and on time to all our customers.

In addition to his role at Rampisham Timber Services, Terry is a computer whizz kid and until recently ran his own business sorting out people’s computer problems, a very good and useful skill to have!

In his spare time, Terry likes to take advantage of being near the coast in West Dorset and can be found sailing around the South coast enjoying the ocean and the magnificent Dorset Coastline around Portland.

M.E. Tilley & M.E. Tilley
Forestry Contractors

M.E. Tilley & M.E Tilley are a family firm with over 50 years’ experience in forestry management, and firewood sales.

They are the chosen contractors for Rampisham Timber Services, and their advice and experience has helped Rampisham Timber Services, in every aspect of its development, from planting trees, to setting up the sawmills and lumber yard.